Owners of Mini Maison Sitka sells everything! They go from 3600sq to 400sq feet!

15 Jun Owners of Mini Maison Sitka sells everything! They go from 3600sq to 400sq feet!

Quebec, June 15th, 2016. Owners of Mini maison signée Sitka jump the leap and leave their 3600 square feet house for a 400 square feet sailboat! Along with their 3 children, they will live what they want to promote with passion. Furthermore, their tiny house will reveal a beautiful dream: to live and to discover the world while sailing their 44 feet boat. Their adventure will be documented on a personnal blog: www.martanietcie.ca

To be mortgage free was one of the major factor for selling all their belongings. Free of mind, without unnessesary material and having more free time to pratice sports and activities, and spend time with their children was indeed very important as well. Caring for the ecosystem, respecting the nature and spending less energy and material is the final factor for making the jump!

Now convinced of all the advantages to live in a tiny house, they will be able to create beautifull tinyhouses. Living themselves in 400pi², they will be on the spot to create tiny houses for each customers, in harmony of their taste and desires.

The owners will now be 100% available to create your tinyhouse. Passionate about functional construction, design and organization, they have together more than 30 years of experience.

You can already discover the benefits of a tinyhouse, consult plans ready to build or contact the owners to start your very own tinyhouse.
Their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/minimaisonsitka/.